Homeopathy — Health or Hoax

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Jan 25, 2021
A scam that actually (kind of) works! In modern world where doctors are profit driven and patient needs councelling, Homeopathy provides that with sugar balls that do not work.
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A scam that actually (kind of) works!
Homeopathy — all of us might have heard about it. It is a very famous alternate form of allopathic (_normal _— as we define it) medication; in the same category as the like of Ayurveda. People mostly argue that it is “fake” and scientifically baseless, while there are some people who I personally know who praise its effectiveness and say it is very effective. This raises the Question — Is Homeopathy real?
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Except the medications it might just be real! First a little on the history of Homeopathy and what they claim it actually is…
Homeopathy’s roots emerge from the findings, teachings and writings of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843). After starting his own medical practice he started experimenting with the Homeopathic treatment as he did not believe in the medicine of the time and was disenchanted by it.

How it works

Homeopathy is fundamentally based on following main principles:
  • The cornerstone principleHomeopathy actually derives its name from the Greek, homoeo= ‘similar’, and pathos= ‘suffering’.Basically, A substance that can induce particular symptoms in healthy people, can also cure a sick person facing the same symptoms due to any disease, when given in small quantities.This might seem similar to how vaccines seem to work; but unlike vaccines where generally weakened germs are injected, homeopathy believed in giving any material that cause similar symptoms, even tho it has absolutely ZERO correlation between it.
  • A Single Remedy Another principle is that at a time only one remedy can be given. Otherwise, the response would be unpredictable and ambiguous, they think.Considering that those Expensive medications need to be taken for a very long time, one cannot say if this is just an ATM for the “doctors”.Also this is given in small dozes to prevent side-effects and maximize its efficacy.
  • PotentizationThe Homeopathic remedies that are made from plants, flowers, minerals, etc. are manufactured unlike anything else. They are diluted to such a massive extent that there are probably only a few hundred molecules of the medications in the entire 30C diluted vile.This extreme dilution makes the medication ineffective in all practical sense.
  • Water has Memory Homeopaths use extreme potency as discussed earlier this means there is absolutely NO original molecules (statistically). So, the homeopaths say that water has memory of its source and how it is “brewed” — which is and does sound extremely absurd and surreal.
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Think about it — “Water has memory”
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Scientifically Homeopathy can solve the following problems:
  1. …. basically none.
If you want you can just read this Wikipedia page citing 1000s of studies showing the inefficacy of Homeopathic “medicines” : Evidence and efficacy of homeopathy — Wikipedia
The thing is so absurd, that the FDA was planning to ban the practicing of Homeopathy!
The sugar balls in which they add that 2 drops of water might make you more diabetic, instead of helping.

It Still Works

As I mentioned, scientifically the medications and the whole “Homeopathy” is just a big scam, promising that the “medicines” will cure genetic disease or cancer and stuff! Which FYI it doesn’t.
But we still hear about people getting cured for some diseases, so HOW?How can people swear by its greatness and effectiveness? Is it the biggest alternative to scientific medicine?
It is due to the Placebo Effect. Most people that get the Homeopathic medication believe that it works and those water coated sugar balls will cure them. Because, they believe in it and the time of medication is over period of months. Believing that they will be cured trains their minds and their body heals innately.
Even if they know that the medicines are a scam, it works & it works well, There is this really interesting experiment / Youtube video by Vsause and a definite watch on the topic of Placebo and its real world effects.

Another thought

Another reason, why Homeopathy is still effective is also because of the doctors… In the current medical world, most doctors are profit driven and try to maximize their number of patients. On the other hand, homeopathic doctors talk with the patient very calmly, try to understand them and give mental support.
These frequent conversations that also motivate the patient; helps him/her in overcoming the disease.
But, about me: I still believe its a scam, and you should not believe in it. Also the prizes they charge for water and plastic containers are exorbitant and should not be done!
In the end, giving empathy & hope to patients is good but the simple fact is that- “Sugar pills can never cure cancer”. at least not yet

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