Week 44, 2021

Lightweight Cryptography | CSRC

The padlock in the browser is pretty safe and very difficult for anyone to snoop on what is being transmitted. Although for low power IoT devices, such resource-intensive cryptography is not possible. This competition resulted in several unique ways for devices to cryptographically encrypt the data they are sending.

An actual, real-world use for robot dogs

We all have seen the Boston Dynamics dogs - but I always wondered about its real world use - what can't be done with cameras and automated systems? This video by Tom Scott presents its real world use apart from studying volcanoes and its in a totally human-less dam.

Ethiopia's war one year on: How to end the suffering

There has been a whole war going on in Ethiopia for a year and I was totally not aware about it. Really sad about what the media (even social networks) cover for the most part. If something is repetitive and bad it isn’t important for people to know - ridiculous!

Elements may have been forged on Earth, as well as in space – Physics World

> Creating elements lighter than iron might not require the extreme conditions found inside very massive stars. According to a group of physicists in Japan and Canada, it is possible that oxygen, nitrogen and all other elements with atomic numbers up to 25 have also been produced inside the Earth. Their eye-catching claim relies on the idea that fusion reactions occur in the Earth’s lower mantle, where they are catalyzed by neutrinos and excited electrons.

Alec Benjamin - Boy In The Bubble [Official Music Video]

A song that I really enjoyed listening to. Spotify

Hiding Images in Plain Sight: The Physics Of Magic Windows

Found it from a list of submissions to 3B1B’s SoME1. It’s just pure magic-like and math too cool. Although I still wonder about how the hologram thing happened. A must read.

How to Build a Low-tech Website? | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE

A really interesting website. Powered by solar energy and Raspberry Pi. Completely static and the images also optimized in a very unique way. Also gives such a unique perspective on why everything does not need to be always 99.9999% of the time working perfectly. For long term sustainability it provides a strong argument imo on not expecting everything to be always on.

Contract for Sale of Soul

There are people who do not believe in the soul. It's just funny seeing them still disagree to sign such a contract.

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Some Cool Products / Services

Damn, Intel! // Intel 12th gen - pretty competitive (at least when there is enough power to chew through)