Week 45, 2021

Lifeee – Play John Conway's Game of Life

One of the best things I stumbled upon this week. An amazing visualization of Conway’s Game of Life - a subject I have been really interested in since watching this video by Veritasium. A simple and amazing visualization without any unnecessary things, with the ability to have custom starting points and also admire the already preset examples.

Raspberry PI Zero 2W: What does the silicon contain??

An amazing look inside the silicon of the newly released RPi zero 2. It's just amazing the way the author is able to extract the chip and look at it under heavy magnification. It's even more wonderful to see how the author is able to identify the components and their layout from images. That is a lot of transistors (the chip is pretty old tho) $10.

New (not only) drift rc car edit: Multicopter

A really cool video of a real world shoot of a drift car race.

A look at the die of the 8086 processor

Another look under a silicon. One of the first x86 processors released by intel. It is so simple yet so complex!

A Startup Just Launched A Rocket By Spinning It Really Fast

The headline speaks for itself. Pretty cool & link contains some diagrams and pictures. info

'Play-to-Earn' Gaming and How Work is Evolving in Web3 - Future

Kind of gambling but for web3. You borrow money, stake it and might win some.

NFT's Aren't the Answer to the IRL Problems of Digital Art

Another perspective on the use of NFTs. I do agree with the author that NFTs do not wholly solve the problems of Art especially for small creators. But the idea shouldn’t just be dismissed - it's a developing field and there could be new and exciting things to look out for.

Why does ln(x) not show up in differential equations? : r/math

I am studying differential equations as part of the school curriculum and this question just always wondered me. Someone asked just that and there are some equations where we can get ln(x) whereas another comment explains beautifully why they show up so less in math - at least high school math.

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