Week 46, 2021

TI-MC | A Minecraft Graphing Calculator

This is just amazing and the best thing I have seen this week. Not only does it explain adders and multipliers. Although the minecraft aspect I was less familiar with. It just kind of resembles a real 3D computer chip with the stacking - which put me in awe. Also, the way he explains the method to graph the functions (albeit, there was a small flaw which the maker mentions in comments alongside other much smarter commenters) is beautiful. Reminds me of this video by Veratasium on finding roots - kind of just by trial for any polynomial with degree greater than 3. This graphing calculator takes that but to another level, by checking for every single point. Makes me wonder how complex real computer mechanisms actually are.

The Real Benefits Of Staying Off Social Media

An amazing piece of writing by the author. Giving examples and objective and convincing reasons for not using Social Media. I personally have found that staying off Social Media has been good for me simply because I get less anxious and jealous about what others are doing. Although, it still happens it has become more of admiration rather than toxicity. Social media does have its benefits in connecting with people and more. But recently, seeing all 17 year olds making amazing NFT projects or something always made me kind of sad. But now instead I know it via a friend who sent me or from a reddit thread - which changes it into admiration. At Least that is my anecdotal experience. “You Stop Consuming And Start Doing”

1Hz Minecraft Redstone Computer

Another brilliant minecraft build. Actually I think just seeing computers do things mechanically and in a way which can be seen - always brings joy.

Why Do Family Fortunes Disappear? - How Money Works

It seems an easy answer at first - people inherit money and it gets distributed along every time inherited. But the answer is much more nuanced. From the fact that more money can bring even more money to simply not knowing where the money actually is.

Quadratic reciprocity

A new concept in Math I heard about. Still need to research a bit more and truly understand it. Looks really intriguing.

Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek [ted]


Adam Savage Explains Möbius Strips and Klein Bottles!

The Klein Bottles were too good.

This Is How Short Your Life Is.

Video showing how short our lives are. And why it is extremely important to spend your time where you actually want to.

How to gain control of your free time | Laura Vanderkam

Ted talk related to the above topic.

Some cool Projects / Services

Tldraw // simple Google Jamboard like service
Blot.im // Create a website from a folder
TextFrame // make animated research papers. Super cool.