Week 48, 2021

Week 48, 2021

Co-authored by Aryan

Interesting Articles

US Military Uses 8-Inch Floppy Disks To Coordinate Nuclear Force Operations
"The US Military still uses 8 inch floppy disks on outdated IBM computers to run the nuclear missile systems. It's because they are incredibly hard to hack. The computers are essentially air-gapped and the old IBM computers are reliable. They could run for another 40 years with spare parts." Start hoarding Floppy Discs. I have one.
Soviet Rocket Engines
The long anticipated and hyped video on complete history of Soviet Rockets.
Why Are Indian Battery Companies Reluctant To Take Up Li-ion Battery Manufacturing?
While battery companies in India have accepted the shift to EVs, they still remain cautious about moving in too early. Unless there is better demand visibility, it is unlikely that battery manufacturers would risk significant capital on the sector. "Investors appear to have two major concerns that led to the decline in the stocks – the risk of technological obsolescence and a slowdown in the automotive sector."
The World's Deadliest Thing - Anthony Warner
Amazon Press release Meta Selects AWS as Key, Long-Term Strategic Cloud Provider
Exactly what the title says. It is very curious case on why Meta a multi billion $$ company is partnering with other. Is it exporting its datacenter management? We don't know yet.
Understanding zero knowledge proofs with simple examples
A kind of deep dive into world of DNS

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Unexpected Ways Scientists use GPS
"Tsunamis can be felt from space" The whole of GPS works only with 31 satellites. Scientists are using GPS to measure the strength of earthquakes, get better and faster tsunami warnings and even calculate how much water is stored in the plants of a region.
MIT has predicted that society will collapse in 2040
MIT had simulated many possible futures in the early computers of the mid 20th Century that led to various possible outcomes. Some of which led to the destruction of humanity altogether and some to a smaller collapse. Nevertheless, all simulations showed a major reduction in growth in around 2040, which has only accelerated as climate change wasn't taken into account in those simulations but is a major factor now.
US Government can't function
On the Debt-cap and why US government has to shut down.
YouTube is Changing - Smarter Every Day 266
It is important to find and preserve the "Human" element in our digital lives and world.
The Big Misconception About Electricity
Derek says that if there is a light-second long wire that connects an AC battery to a lamp, then due to Maxwell's equation the energy flows from the battery to the lamp directly and not through the electrons. This is why the lamp will light up as soon as (or after 1/c^2 sec) the circuit is closed.
Great comment section.
Energy Doesn't Flow Inside Wires - Is Veritasium Wrong - RSD Academy
Basically it can be seen as a transformer, capacitor or antenna at the same time.
Is Meat Really that Bad?
A MUST WATCH... Well researched and a worth watch.
Roger Penrose: Physics of Consciousness and the Infinite Universe | Lex Fridman Podcast #85
This one just can't be summarized...
Amazing Chess game : Longest in number of moves and also time utilized
Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems: 5 Forces Impacting Our Lives
Who Killed J. S. Bach?
TL;DW: Both Bach and Handel (legendary composers of the Baroque era) were diagnosed with cataract and were surgically "treated" by John Taylor. The eye surgery done by John Taylor 1750 lead to Bach's death a few months after the surgery.
7 Signs You're Not Actually "I'm Fine"
1) You withdraw yourself from most situations and isolate 2) You sleep too much or not enough 3) You don’t enjoy happy events 4) You often have suicidal thoughts that can come out of nowhere 5) You tell yourself you’re fine even when you’re not 6) You don’t like who you are and let your insecurities get the best of you 7) You aren’t living your life, you’re surviving
Discovery of Public Key Cryptography
Interview of Whitfield Diffie where he discusses the origins of the Diffie-Hellman encryption.
Why heaters are the future of cooling - Vox
Heat pumps are more efficient than Air Conditioning units (ACs) and there is a growing demand for personal home cooling mechanisms, so a policy change that promotes heat pumps over ACs will greatly help in reducing global warming.
What If The Ocean Wasn't Salty?
The salt dissolved in the ocean is in the form of ions. These ions are usually in equilibrium and regulate the currents, temperatures of the ocean and the glaciers. However, in the recent years, due to climate change, the concentration of salt ions in the ocean is decreasing. If it continues at this rate, then the ocean currents will be affected resulting into warmer waters near the equator which will promote more violent and more frequent cyclones.
Some of Earth's Water Was Created by the Sun? | SciShow News
It was previously hypothesized by scientists that Earth's water came from comets and asteroids containing iced water that crashed into the Earth in it's early developmental stage. Though, recent measurements on the composition of water on the asteroids and comets have shown that they contain very less heavy water (deuterium instead of hydrogen in water). Therefore, now it is speculated that some portion of he water came from the Sun which has high amounts of Deuterium to form heavy water. Basically, during solar storms, the Sun shoots out a stream of ions. These are mainly hydrogen and deuterium ions that then collide with the atmospheric oxygen and get converted into water and heavy water respectively.
How the US made affordable homes illegal
Segregation and Housing are two sides of the same problem - Discrimination.
Which way do you perceive time? #shorts
There are two ways in which English speakers experience time.
What is melatonin -- and should you take it to fall asleep? | Sleeping with Science
It just makes you fall asleep faster by a few minutes but does not improve the length or quality of sleep.
The curios tale of the man who slapped Tojo
TL;DR: Shumei Okawa was speculated to be the organiser of some attack called the Mukden incident. During the wait for his trial, he was seated just behind General Tojo (President of Japan during World War 2). This is when he slapped Tojo's bald head twice. Tojo simply smiled and was amused. "They had to put him out of slapping distance." Later on, Okawa was said to be mad which made him mentally not fit for trial and thus saved him from prosecution. He was sent to a psychiatric unit and then an asylum where he spent the rest of his life.
Here's a video that shows the incident:
It's hilarious, even the comment section is gold.
I can't believe how long this took! - Pencil Drawing Process
"This guy is brilliant". The art - how can someone imagine that before even start drawing : Where to even start!?
Veganism: Why Do People Make Fun Of Them?
AsapScience Sidenote Podcast
John and Hank at the Cemetery
Case why not. It's just a fun video that displays comic epitaphs.
Loving the Loves of Your Loves
Interesting creative collages
Does Github Copilot know the meaning of life and the universe?
Yes it does - 42.
Why monks had that haircut
It was in fashion (yup for centuries) and also a way to show your ideological leanings of the time.

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