Week 49, 2021

Week 49, 2021

I made the worlds strongest nut cracker - Stuff Made Here
The Snowflake Mystery - Veritasium
Answering last week's: Electricity doesn't flow in wires | Electroboom
Worth a watch. Explains the same thing, but much more clearly and satisfies my curiosity from an electric circuit point of view.
China Has a Debt Problem 3x Evergrande
The Title says it all. Constructing infrastructure projects during times of recession giving employment to many is great - until it isn't. Most of these projects don't make money and need constant maintenance. Kinda a big problem.
Hitomezashi Stitch Patterns - Numberphile
Even this "ad" is now be on your phone and in future in your brain 🤷‍♂️
Thoughts of above (please expand)
This is probably a true proposition. Companies are just now afraid - even with billions just laying around, the antitrust laws (which are very very important for consumers) kind of stifles the innovation. Instead of helping create competition governments are indirectly making it difficult. Take Amazon for example: They are willing to increase minimum wage and lobbying bills for that in US Parliament (they pay $15 afaik). That is definitely good, but a new upstart will make its life difficult aka: without the cashflow and $$ in bank, a new startup or 🎯.com let's say cannot compete.
Let us take another example: People and governments are advocating for preventing tracking across the web. Third party cross site tracking has been made difficult, which is good for user privacy. But this ultimately benefits Google (and probably Facebook) the most, as now they only have lots of first party data (Google Searches, Chrome Browsing history, YouTube watches, etc.) to make advertising better for themselves. This creates a huge barrier of entry for anyone else with not this much reach or historical data. Also, unfortunately this encourages news outlets and websites to use Google AdSense as it will make more money with better ad-targeting due to first party data (kinda monopolizing it). A thing created presumably for benefit of user doesn't affect Google / Meta at all, rather just makes it difficult for $SNAP or any newcomer to compete.
This behaviour doesn't just happen in tech, but in all kinds of industries; and I haven't been able to think of a solution that helps, yet.
Resources Playlist | Aryan Tiwari
Curated playlist of some of the most useful videos on YouTube related to improving writing skills.
How to be Creative: 3 Tips | Philosophy Tube
No srsly tho, watch it...
Find the problem for lack of productivity and ask "Why" 5 times to get to the root cause.
  1. make yourself a priority 0:34
  1. create positive thoughts 1:34
  1. say what you feel 3:18
  1. be compassionate with others 5:14
These Simple Words Can Change How You Think About The Past - Nietzsche - Pursuit of Wonder
What if, after your death, you were asked if you would repeat your life without changing anything for eternity? Would you love your life enough to relive it as it is?
By asking himself this question, Nietzsche (pronounced: Neecha with a German accent) developed the concept of Amor Fati - which is to love your fate and accept the past and the yet to come future without any regret.
“To love a life that tries every moment to make you hate it, and to still stare back at it and to say, ‘yes I love it.’ What’s scarier than an opponent who smiles while being beaten.”
1984 & Language | Philosophy Tube
Takeaway: Epistemic injustice is when someone is denied from either taking or providing knowledge to the collective pool of human knowledge on prejudicial basis. From the definition, there two types: (expland)
  • Testimonial Injustice: this is when someone's right to add knowledge to the epistemic pool is taken away. "If you stop people adding knowledge to the pool Fricker calls that 'testimonial injustice.' The example she uses is from another novel, 'To Kill A Mockingbird,' in which the character of Tom Robinson testifies in court that he is innocent of the crime with which he is being charged. But the white jury do not believe him because he is black. Because of their prejudice the jury stop Tom from adding his knowledge to the collective pool, and in doing so they kind of objectify him. They downgrade him from human, the kind of thing that can have knowledge, to object, the kind of thing that can't.
  • Hermeneutical injustice: "The other kind of epistemic injustice occurs when you stop people borrowing knowledge from the pool, either by cutting off their access to it or by keeping certain kinds of knowledge out of the pool in the first place." Fricker writes, "Hermeneutical lacunas are like holes in the ozone - it's the people who live under them that get burned."
Marxism: Explained wonderfully (Full Playlist)
Violence & Protest | Philosophy Tube
"A video about protest, direct action, and revolution in the context of the climate crisis"
What We Can Learn from 5 Times Rivers Ran Backward
Amazon, Mississippi, Slims, Kaituna and Qiantang.
Due to the low density of matter in the observable universe, there is a possibility of stars that are completely made up of anti-matter. These "anti-stars" annihilate very slowly due to the low matter density of space, and thus, produce a distinct glow. a recent paper had listed 14 candidates.
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