Week 50, 2021

Week 50, 2021

Makes you think!
The huge majority of the world is very poor. The poorer half of the world, almost 4 billion people, live on less than $6.70 a day.
If you live on $30 a day you are part of the richest 15% of the world ($30 a day roughly corresponds to the poverty lines set in high-income countries) f
DeepMind's new general game player!?
Desmos link for same to play around with.
The big log4j RCE vulnerability (click to expand)
I am not qualified enough to say anything. Googling is better. What I made out of it was, a small project has put internet on fire, with simple request resulting in code execution on the server.

Just interesting

Some things need to be built to never fail.
Sam Altman Wants to Scan Your Eyeball in Exchange for Cryptocurrency
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